By submitting your research proposal to the PRIME-XS Consortium, you agree to the following conditions:

  • To collaborate with the PRIME-XS Consortium and, if applicable, the designated Access Site in a cooperative manner
  • To provide feedback to the PRIME-XS Consortium by filling in the questionnaires present on the PRIME-XS website
  • To acknowledge PRIME-XS and the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union in any publication resulting from granted PRIME-XS projects
  • To inform the PRIME-XS Consortium of any publication resulting from granted PRIME-XS projects
  • To discuss authorship of publications resulting from PRIME-XS projects with the PRIME-XS Access Site involved if the Access Site contributed significantly to the scientific aspect of the work (if you expect this to be case before the start of the project, please indicate this by indicating this project to be “collaborative” during submission)

The PRIME-XS Consortium holds the right to withhold reimbursement of expenses made by the user or charge a user for costs made by an Access Site if the user fails to meet these conditions.

These conditions might be subject to change. In case of doubt, the conditions at the time of submission of a proposal apply. Current date and version of conditions: version 1 ; 17 May 2011