Cost reimbursement

This page provides the details of the reimbursement of costs for transnational access users PRIME-XS. Costs for the use of the facility are paid for by the EU, directly to the Access Site. The costs made by researchers for visiting the Access Sites will be dealt with as follows:

  • In principle the facility will reimburse all costs of public transport, including economy fare by plane and/or train. Connecting transportation from airport or railway stations in the country of the facility and in the home country will be reimbursed to a maximum amount of 45 € each. Travel bills have to be submitted for the accounting. Visitors who come by car will receive an amount of 0.19 € per km (please provide gasoline bills, parking tickets, etc).
  • Hotel costs will be paid directly by the facility. This normally includes breakfast, but no other services offered by the hotel like telephone costs, internet connection or beverages (although the daily allowance can be used for this, see below). For stays longer than two weeks we may expect visitors to use a guest house
  • A daily subsistence allowance to cover lunch, dinner, local transportation and other small expenses is also reimbursed. Currently this amounts to 40 € per day. In case dinner or lunch is paid by the facility, the sum may be reduced. The daily allowance may also be reduced in the case of extended stays (>1 week). The daily allowance starts at the day of arrival and includes the day of departure. No proof for these expenses is required.
  • Funding will normally be restricted to a maximum of two researchers from one institute that are present at the same time for work on a single project.

Traveling is organized by the visitor, accommodation (in principle) by the facility and unfortunately we can only reimburse any travel and subsistence costs for citizens of the EU and Associated States. Users will receive the reimbursement from the Access Site after the visit has been concluded.

These rules for reimbursement can be subject to change. The current version applies to user projects starting since February 1, 2011.