Call for proposals is now open

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 01:00 access

Starting today, July 5th 2011, researchers in all EU member states and associated countries can submit a project proposal via the online application system of PRIME-XS. European researchers can request access to proteomics techniques at the six access facilities of PRIME-XS via an online application. Researchers can choose a preferential access facility where the project should be carried out and propose the proteomics technology they would like to use.

All project proposals will be peer reviewed by independent reviewers. If the application is positively evaluated, the researcher is allowed to perform the experiment at the access facility. The users can get practical support with final sample preparation and staff of PRIME-XS will perform the proteomics data acquisition. Users will be able to visit the access facility, gain experience on sample preparation, sample analysis and data handling and analysis.