First scientific Deliverable achieved

Monday, 01 August 2011 12:45 

The first scientific deliverable of the PRIME-XS project has been submitted to the EU today, August 1 2011. This particular deliverable (D13.2, "Application and simplified database that allows the scheduling and workflow tracking of projects") deals with the development of a project management system for proteomic experiments in facility labs that allows the efficient planning of access provision. All of the access providers in PRIME-XS have multiple instruments and multiple methods at their disposal, and therefore constantly run multiple different projects in parallel. Managing the allocation of instrument time to projects, and tracking the progress of these projects through time as the relevant samples are analyzed is no longer straightforward, and can not only rely exclusively on direct communication with staff. It was therefore considered useful within the framework of the PRIME-XS project to create a bespoke software tool that can keep track of project status, and their assignment to relevant instruments.

This custom-built·tool for mass spectrometry labs is built to allow lab management in a versatile way because·priorities for specific experiments in an academic setting can shift quickly and can interfere with the ability to plan instrument in detail time several months ahead, as would be the approach using currently existing technology. The resulting programme, called Prioritizer is developed by the VIB group which is also part of the EU FP7 Coordination Action project ‘ProteomeXchange’, in which the primary tasks for the VIB group are the development of an open source, production grade data management system for mass spectrometry based proteomics. The source code and binaries of Prioritizer are put in the public domain, and is accessible via the project’s Google Code website, located at