PRIME-XS now also available via INSTRUCT

Friday, 18 November 2011 01:00

As of now, the access to the PRIME-XS facilities is also announced and available via the website of Instruct, the ESFRI Roadmap project that provides access to cutting-edge technology and scientific expertise in the field of structural biology. Instruct aims to provide access to, among others, microscopy imaging, X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry technology through Instruct Centres.

Already 5 countries have signed up to become a member of Instruct (United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Italy and Israel), but because funding in Instruct is still limited, Instruct has agreed with several EU infrastructures (PRIME-XS, Bio-NMR, P-CUBE and Biostruct-X) to also announce access to those facilities via the Instruct website. This provides these EU infrastructures with exposure to scientists within the structural biology research community.

Currently, the information about PRIME-XS on the Instruct website is still limited, but this might be expanded in the future as we explore the potential of this collaboration. You can find the PRIME-XS page on the Instruct website here and more information about the other technologies offered by Instruct on the Instruct website.