Over 25 user projects accepted!

Wednesday, 07 March 2012 14:01

PRIME-XS users Feb 2012
PRIME-XS is proud to announce that one year after the start of the project and half a year of the start of the open access programme, no less than 28 user projects have been accepted to the six access sites. The access programme was officially opened in July 2011 to all scientists in Europe. Since that time, a total of 36 projects has been submitted through the online system. Of those, 28 were accepted (78%), 5 were rejected, 1 submission was not eligible and 2 are currently in review.

The users with accepted projects originate from institutes all over Europe, as can be seen in the map to the right (the darker the color the more users projects from that country have been accepted) . A surprisingly high number of users originate from Spain, which can be attributed to the significant coverage of the start of the access project in the Spanish biomedical community, through news reports on various Spanish scientific websites.

We are very happy to see that already so many scientists have been able to find us for their proteomics experiments and hope that many more will follow. We also know that the first manuscripts with results from PRIME-XS user projects have been submitted for publication. We are keeping our fingers crossed and hope to be able to inform you of the first PRIME-XS user publication soon!