EU factsheet on PRIME-XS and other RIs

Monday, 04 June 2012 01:00

As part of the promotion of the various research infrastructures that are supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the EU, an official factsheet is made for every infrastructure project that can be used as promotional material. In collaboration with the EU, the PRIME-XS factsheet has now been completed and can be found on the EU website or in the download section of the PRIME-XS site. You are all free to distribute this factsheet to whoever you feel might be interested in applying for access to the PRIME-XS facilities.


In addition to the PRIME-XS factsheet, information on all other currently funded infrastructure projects, can be found on the EU site. A selected list of Life Science related infrastructures that could be of interested to the users and partners of PRIME-XS can also be found in our link section.