Targeted proteomics: Method of the Year 2012

Sunday, 30 December 2012 09:43


On one of the last days of 2012, mass spectrometry based proteomics research receives significant coverage as targeted proteomics was selected the Method of the Year 2012 by Nature Methods! Targeted Proteomics was selected because of its versatility and because the method provides a reliable alternative for other, more ambiguous methods, like antibody based detection of proteins. The latest issue of Nature Methods has significant coverage of the field of targeted proteomics, with several interviews with scientists who played key roles in bringing targeted proteomics to where it is today, among which is, naturally, also PRIME-XS partner Ruedi Aebersold.

The use of mass spectrometry to study proteins and answer biological questions is seen a great potential for the future, which is also substantiated by the fact that Mass spectrometry of intact protein complexes was selected as one of the Methods to Watch.

With such a rewarding ending of 2012, we must hope 2013 will bring as much for proteomics research!

All the best for 2013 on behalf of the entire PRIME-XS team!