Next-generation proteomics in Nat Rev Genet

Thursday, 03 January 2013 15:55


A a recent review in the high-impact “genetics” journal Nature Review Genetics describes how next-generation proteomics follows in the footsteps of next-generation sequencing:

"The proteome is extremely multifaceted due to splicing and protein modifications, further amplified by the interconnectivity of proteins into complexes and signaling networks that are highly divergent in time and space. Proteome analysis heavily relies on mass spectrometry (MS). MS-based proteomics is starting to mature enabling for the first time a near complete proteome coverage, including important post-translational modifications, of a given cell or tissue. This emerging next-generation of proteomics has been reached through a combination of developments in instrumentation, sample preparation and computational analysis."

In the review Maarten Altelaar, Javuer Munoz and Albert Heck describe this progress highlighting recent applications.



  • Next-generation proteomics: towards an integrative view of proteome dynamics. A.F. Maarten Altelaar, Javier Munoz and Albert J.R. Heck, Nat Rev Genet. 14 (2013) 35-48.