Submitting a Proposal in 5 steps

1. Make sure your institute is based in one of the eligible countries.

2. Familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of PRIME-XS:

3. Think of an Access Site appropriate for the technology you wish to use:

When submitting a project, you can select an access site that you would prefer to handle your project. If you are not sure, you can indicate that during the submission process and we will advice on the best access site for your project. A list of all access sites and the technologies they offer can be found at the following links. Please realize that the selected access site can not be in the same country as the institute you are working for.

4. Download the following documents:
You are expected to write a short proposal on the proteomics experiments for which you are requesting access to the PRIME-XS infrastructure. Please download and complete the following template for PRIME-XS user project proposals:

We also recommend you download and read the following detailed instructions for project submission:

5. Start your project submission:
Once you have filled in the PRIME-XS project proposal template and are ready for submission, go to this link: 

and follow the instructions for PRIME-XS project submission which you downloaded in step 4.