Other EU funded Proteomics Projects
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The aim of ProteomeXchange is to provide a single point of submission to proteomics repositories.
PROteomics SPECification in Time and Space
Regulation of mitosis by phosphorylation - a combined functional genomics, proteomics and chemical biology approach.
INTERACTION PROTEOME was one of the largest EU-funded project in the field of proteomics with the mission to develop novel technologies for proteomics research.
The aim of AFFINOMICS is to initiate the generation of a proteome-wide binder collection and to this end the project integrates the expertise and technologies available in leading European centres in order to create an efficient pipeline for target and binder production, validation and quality control.
ProDaC will coordinate the development and implementation of international standards for the representation of high-performance proteomics data.
The IMEx consortium is an international collaboration between a group of major public interaction data providers who have agreed to share curation effort.
PSIMEx is a project (Proteomics Standards Initiative and International Molecular Exchange – Systematic Capture of Published Molecular Interaction Data) which supports the activities of the International Molecular Exchange collaboration (IMEx).